Healthy habits you should establish in your life to lose weight

Three essential tips to start a long-term slimming process and successfully complete it

The coronavirus locked millions of people around the world in their homes for months. That caused many to stop doing sports daily and gain some weight, a situation that also contributed to the fact that more than normal was cooked at home and not always healthy meals. It is only necessary to remember the increase in the consumption of yeast for biscuits.

Healthy habits you should establish in your life to lose weight
Being well hydrated is essential to lose weight ( Unsplash)

Although today there are still many restrictions on mobility not only in Spain, but in countries around the world, the truth is that many people have not yet lost the pounds they gained during confinement. For this reason, there are many who think of embarking on some slimming process before summer arrives.

The problem is that to lose weight, it’s not just about eating less. Doctors and nutritionists agree that you have to combine balanced diet and sport to achieve weight loss. But the basis of everything is to establish healthy habits that will help improve health in general and, incidentally, to eliminate the extra pounds that we have left.

Nutrition experts at British Boxing News divide healthy habits into three types: eating, hydration and sports. They are the three legs of a process aimed at losing weight and that can be achieved in the long term, in such a way that the well-known miracle diets are avoided, which promise to lose many kilos in a short time.

It is vital to establish good eating, hydration and sports habits

The most important thing is to contain the consumption of calories in such a way that, in the long term, a calorie deficit is achieved, that is, more calories are burned than are ingested. In addition, it is important to eat quality food since alcohol or junk food, for example, provide empty calories that are not at all nutritious for the body.

For this, the best solution is to prepare the food on weekends and distribute it in containers for the whole week. So not only do we avoid eating unhealthy foods in bars and restaurants, but we also save a good amount of money, by cooking everything at home and paying for food at supermarket price and not Hospitality.

The importance of water and sport

All nutrition specialists agree on the importance of being well hydrated to achieve long-term weight loss. The ideal figure is a minimum of 2 liters of water each day: in this way, it is possible to reduce the appetite and, therefore, the number of calories that are ingested each day, in such a way that it is easier to achieve the calorie deficit.

But just as important as the diet is doing sports, as it will help burn calories and, therefore, lose weight. It is not always easy to find the right time for training, but we must be aware of the importance of physical exercise when losing weight, either on our own or going to a gym.

Doing sports an hour a day about 4 times a week is perfect. Exercise can be of many types, from brisk walks to strength training with weights. In all cases, it is best to start little by little and gradually increase the difficulty or time until preset goals are reached.

It is very important to eliminate sugary juices and soft drinks and replace them with water if we turn sport into a daily habit we will have taken a great step to lose weight in the long term. Cardio exercises are very important, so you have to strive to find the favorite training of each person, in such a way that it is the beginning of a process by which you say goodbye to the extra pounds that were in the body.

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