Do you have a small balcony? 15 tiny tables to make the most of it

The balconies have taken on a new space of prominence these days as a space to disconnect from the house for a few minutes, to socialize, or even to telework.

And the fact that the balcony is small does not prevent us from enjoying it and adapting it to convert it into another space within our home. To prove it, we have prepared for you today a small selection of ideas to make the most of your balcony, no matter how small.

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Tables to hang on the railing

What does not fit a large table? No problem, there are mini tables to hang from the railing that are ideal for small balconies and terraces.

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greemotion 416505 Adjustable Wall Table, gray, Small

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Stockholm Adjustable Folding Balcony Cover Hanging Table Patio for Table 丨 Acacia Wood Gold Teak Finish 丨 60 x 45cm

Today on Amazon for € 86.00

vidaXL Folding Hanging Balcony Table Synthetic Rattan Color Black

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Today on Amazon for € 75.85

Festnight Semicircular Balcony Hanging Table Folding Table Optional Color

Today on Amazon for € 72.99

Tables to hang on the wall

If instead of installing these mini tables on the railing, you prefer to hang them on the wall, it is also possible.

Garden Brown Wood Folding Terrace Shelf Coffee Table — LOLAhome

Today on Amazon for € 65.22

Folding tables

If what you are looking for is a small but folding table, you also have a lot of solutions to open when you need it.

dcasa — White Folding Square Table 48x48x65 cm

Today on Amazon for € 24.47

vidaXL Garden Coffee Table Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Coffee Table

Today on Amazon for € 41.00

Auxiliary tables

In addition to folding tables or hanging tables, it is also possible to use a side table. They are cute, and also take up very little space.

Relaxdays — Bamboo Side Table, 63.5 x 55 x 35 cm, Tray Breakfast Dinner Lunch, Folding Table, Wood

Today on Amazon for € 38.36

MultiStore Tray with Folding Legs 49x32x60cm White

Today on Amazon for € 31.99

Sets to be collected

If you can’t have everything spread out at all times but you don’t want to give up having your table and chairs set, sets like this one that are easily and compactly collected will come in handy.

Outsunny Set 1 Table and 2 Chairs Rattan Wicker Furniture Garden Outdoor Terrace Breakfast

Today on Amazon for € 239.99

Festnight PoliRat¨ ¢ n Outdoor Garden Table and Chairs

Today on Amazon for € 228.99

Sets that are a classic

Small in size and foldable, this wooden set is a classic that is still in fashion.

Ikea — Tärnö garden table with 2 chairs Acacia Color Dark Brown

Today on Amazon for € 169.92

Tables that are also refrigerators

Two in one, if you want a small table, and also have a cold drink to enjoy a long distance chat with your balcony neighbors, this is your option.

Alibert 218759, Ice Cube Garden Cooler Table, Graphite Color

Today on Amazon for € 47.21

A transportable table

A small plastic table that can be transported very easily and will never bother you.

Suhu Side Table Small Round Garden Side Tables Outdoor Plastic Terrace Table for Children Round Balcony Coffee Table Low Living Room Blue

Today on Amazon for € 34.99

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