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Welcome to Tony Montana by me, Tony Montana. Hello I am Tony Montana living in New York City, USA. I'm Writing Personal Blog Posts Here Please Follow. God bless

In 2021, many Internet users are looking for the best VPN. After all, in the connected world we live in, there is nothing surprising in wanting to secure one’s connection and navigate more freely. To guide you in your choice, we have carried out tests on the main software available in France. All those discussed in this comparison have been scrutinized by our team of experts. Data privacy, connection speed and circumvention of censorship are among a series of criteria taken into account to establish this official ranking.


Above, the comparison with the three best VPNs and some key features…

Three essential tips to start a long-term slimming process and successfully complete it

The coronavirus locked millions of people around the world in their homes for months. That caused many to stop doing sports daily and gain some weight, a situation that also contributed to the fact that more than normal was cooked at home and not always healthy meals. It is only necessary to remember the increase in the consumption of yeast for biscuits.

Healthy habits you should establish in your life to lose weight
Being well hydrated is essential to lose weight ( Unsplash)

Although today there are still many restrictions on mobility not only in Spain, but in countries around the world, the truth is that many people…

Fast, junk, processed: when it comes to American food, the country is best known for things that are described in words that are best suited to greasy, abrasive industrial production. But US citizens are more likely to be affected. USA They also have an impressive appetite for good things..

To celebrate your endless culinary creativity, we present to you our list of the 50 Most Delicious American Foods. We know you want to back out.

Ground Rules: Recognize that even trying to define American food is difficult; Also recognize that choosing American favorites inevitably means accidentally neglecting or overlooking some…

Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS trusty tahr is an ubuntu-derived based on ubuntu 14.04. come with LTS, it will be supported for three years.

Xvideoservicethief ubuntu 14.04 download

xVideoServiceThief is a multiplatform program with which we can download videos from most websites similar to Youtube.

xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 Download

The program is capable of downloading videos from more than 70 different websites: Youtube, Yahoo, Google Videos, Metacafe, DaleAlPlay, GameSpot, elRellano or Vimeo. xVideoServiceThief also includes support for adult video sites. This function can be deactivated from the program options.

xvideoservicethief ubuntu software update ios
xvideoservicethief para ubuntu 14.04 using
xvideoservicethief ubuntu software for android v2
xvideoservicethief para ubuntu 14.04 using jquery ajax
xvideoservicethief os linux download iso
download xvideoservicethief 2020 linux download
xvideoservicethief ubuntu software for android tv

To download the videos, simply provide the URL of the video in question or use the integrated file browser. …

The balconies have taken on a new space of prominence these days as a space to disconnect from the house for a few minutes, to socialize, or even to telework.

And the fact that the balcony is small does not prevent us from enjoying it and adapting it to convert it into another space within our home. To prove it, we have prepared for you today a small selection of ideas to make the most of your balcony, no matter how small.

Read Also: 17 ideas to organize a small bedroom in the best way

Tables to hang on the railing

What does not fit a…

In the Android version of the game, called “PUBG Mobile”, just like in the PC version, 100 players compete against each other on an 8x8 kilometer map.

PUBG Mobile ipad View APK Download

After you and your team have taken the plunge and stepped onto the battlefield at a convenient location, the first thing to do is to find good equipment to ensure your survival. Because from time to time the radius in which you can move in “PUBG Mobile” becomes smaller and smaller.

The reduced radius increases the likelihood that you will meet opponents. At some point, such an encounter is inevitable and you will…

February 14 is the day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. When the date approaches, it is normal to ask yourself “what gift can I give my boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?” If you want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day and you want to be original and romantic, you will have to be willing to spend some time preparing the surprise … do you fancy it?

If so, in Medium in TonyMontana we give you some ideas so that Valentine’s Day is unforgettable and so that even those who wonder how to surprise their partner…

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